Welcome to Tineke BDC

Tineke BDC (Business Development & Communications) – specialises in the continued development of organisations through marketing, communications, administration and software solutions. We have two specific divisions namely Business Development & Administration Services and Business Software Solutions.

Business Development & Administration Services
Our staff are dedicated to servicing clients that require assistance in developing their business and general support. This is in the form of generating and exploring ideas, identifying markets, creating marketing/public relations plans and proposals etc.
We also get involved in assisting clients with their general communications (e.g. emails, letters, mailings, web content etc.) and administration.

At Tineke BDC we don’t just stop short at our development and administration service; we become representatives of your organisation. Our clients, for example, have tasked us in managing their events through to accompanying them to meetings. We are an extension of your company.

Business Software Solutions
Tineke BDC has an extensive product portfolio that includes our popular and most successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System; XchangeCRM through to a revolutionary back-end database for clubs, associations and membership groups.
Our main client base comes from the education and training sector namely Further Education (FE) and private training providers.

However our client portfolio varies greatly; from education and athletics clubs/associations to pigeon flying clubs. Ultimately, regardless of their industry; all have benefited greatly from our database solutions that enable them to manage, develop and grow their businesses.

We also specialise in the creation of websites offering clients the option of completely new sites or re-vamps/refresh. For clubs/associations/memberships we have designed our unique Back-end Database Software which has revolutionised the way member data is processed and analysed.